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Safety , Health and Environment

  • SSV
  • SSV Valves commits itself towards achieving and maintaining excellence in industrial safety, occupational health hygiene and environmental protection, in line with its avowed goal of ensuring the well being of all, both within the organization and in the larger community, in its areas of operations.

  • Strictly complying with all statutory regulations in respect to Safety, Health and Environment and Endeavor in implementing standard norms and practices, assigning clear responsibility at different levels to carry out the policy and making it effective by involvement of workers.

  • Establishing and maintaining necessary systems, procedures and training in order to guarantee exemplary standards of safety, health and environmental protection in accordance with and even surpassing the expectations of its people and of society at large.

  • Health and Safety performance of individuals of different levels of SSV will be taken into consideration while considering their career achievement.

  • Continuously adopting and applying techniques and methods towards enhancing these standards and taking all the remedial measures.

  • Focusing on the welfare of the larger Community in its areas of operations through training and awareness programs.

  • Ensuring that each and every individual in the organizations as well as business associates and contributing agencies, respect and implement the Company’s Safety, Health and Environment Policy at all times.